Upcoming Dates:

5.18.14    Advice Music Video Premier and Benefit Concert

                7pm at Crush Lounge, Whitefish

More coming soon!



Past Dates:

6.9.11      Anaheim Farmer's Market, Anaheim, CA- 4pm

6.18.11    LombardiSports Event , San Francisco, CA-12pm

9.9.  The Raven, Woods Bay, MT

         Free Show, 8:30pm, 21+

9.16 Cactus Records Matinee Show, Bozeman, MT

         Free Show, 4:30pm, 21+

9.16 The Filling Station with Hillstomp, Bozeman, MT

        Tix are $9 at Cactus Records, $12 at door

        Doors open 7pm, 21+

9.22 Bitter Root Brewing, Hamilton, MT

         Free Show, 6pm, All Ages

9.23 The Badlander (KBGA 15th Annual Bday Bash),

         Missoula, MT

        $7 for 21+, $9 for 18-20, 9pm, 18+

9.24 Craggy Range with Pterodactyl Plains, Whitefish, MT

         Free Show, 9:30pm, 21+

9.25 Symes Hot Springs Resort, Hot Springs, MT

         Free Show, 7pm, All Ages

9.29 Kenton Club with The Sunny Era, Portland, OR

         Free Show, 9pm, 21+

9.30 Cobra Lounge with The Sunny Era, Bellingham, WA

         Free Show, 9pm, 21+

10.1 The Comet Tavern Matinee Show, Seattle, WA

        $5, 4pm, 21+

10.2 Skylark Cafe, Seattle, WA

         $5, 7pm, All Ages

10.4 Upstage, Port Townsend, WA

        $5-$10 (suggested), 7pm, All Ages

10.5 Der Hinterhof, Leavenworth, WA

         Free Show, All Ages

10.6 Mission District, Cashmere, WA

         Free Show, 7pm, 21+

10.7 Twisp River Pub, Twisp, WA

         Free Show, 8:30pm, 21+

10.14 Zoo City Apparel with Pterodactyl Plains, Missoula, MT

          $5, TBD, All Ages

12.10 Lodge at Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, MT

   Free Show, 7pm, All Ages

12.17 Blacktail Ski Resort, Lakeside, MT

   Free Show, 3pm, All Ages

1.6.12 Lodge at Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, MT

    Free Show, 6pm, All Ages

1.21.12 Blacktail Winterfest, Lakeside, MT 
    Free Show, 2pm, All Ages
2.4.12   Blacktail Ski Resort, Lakeside, MT, 3pm

    Free Show, 8:30pm, 21+

3.17.12  Blondies, Bigfork, MT, 8pm

3.29.12  Crush Wine Bar, Whitefish, MT, 9pm

4.18.12   Whitefish Lake Restaurant, Whitefish, MT, 6pm

5.30.12   Whitefish Lake Restaurant; Whitefish, MT, 7pm

5.31.12   Bitterroot Brewing; Hamilton, MT, 6pm

6.1.12     Monk's - Trail 1033 Local Launch; Missoula, MT,                      10pm (Headlining)

6.2.12     Clark Fork River Market; Missoula, MT, 10:30am

6.7.12     Lewis and Clark Brewing; Helena, MT, 6pm

6.9.12     Raven; Bigfork, MT, 8:30pm

6.10.12   DraughtWorks, Missoula, MT, 5pm

6.15.12   The Keep, Missoula, MT, TBD

6.22.12   LadyFest @ Badlander; Missoula, MT, TBD

6.24.12   Der Hinterhof; Leavenworth, WA, 1pm

7.14.12   Craggy Range Music Fest; Whitefish, MT, TBA

7.27.12   Rockin on the Bay; Polson, MT, TBA

7.28.12   Rockin on the Bay; Poson, MT, TBA

3.22.13   Crush; Whitefish, MT-10pm (guest with 1985)

3.28.13  Top of the Mic at Sean Kelly's; Missoula, MT-11pm

4.5.13    First Friday Show @ Stage 112; Missoula, MT-5pm

5.15.13   Private Event (North Valley Hospital), Whitefish, MT

                 12 noon

5.31.13   KulturRaum Neruda, Vienna, AT

6.8.13     Sam-Baden, Baden, AT

8.3.13     Boat Club, Whitefish, MT

8.17.13   Boat Club, Whitefish, MT